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Quo vadis, Dolphin? Motifs as replacement for persona.

We present results about demographics of participants in the study about file managers with focus on Dolphin. >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? The relation between the ISO 9241-110 and the rating of features.

We present results about rating and preferences of file managers with focus on Dolphin. >>

Metaphors behind icons – which are really useful?

Metaphors determine the association between a function and its icon. But sometimes these metaphors are misleading or ambiguous. With your help, we want to improve the metaphors used in Libreoffice.  >>

Semiotics in Usability: Guidelines for the Development of Icon Metaphors

In the development of icons, the metaphor plays a vital role to ensure reliable perception and comprehension. We introduce seven guidelines that help to create a balanced set of icons with high usability. >>

What is a pencil used for?

Which function do you expect when you see a pencil? To draw something or perhaps fill the background… But in the context of a word processor? >>

About Antiquated Metaphors in Icons

Antiquated metaphors in icons can work better than modern, but complicated ones. This can be shown on the example of the ‘save’ icon. >>

Methodology of Testing Icons

On the occasion of the large scale usability test of the LibreOffice Writer icons, this article explains how subjective and objective measurements can help to understand the quality of an icon-term relationship. >>

Styleguide following the Baxley model

Styleguides are essential parts of software development. Together with Swisslab we adopted the ‘Universial Model of a User-Interface” by Baxley to create a styleguide. >>

Looking back: LibreOffice Conference in Paris

I have been attending the great LibreOffice 2011 Conference in Paris and held a presentation about the problems of finding the gold in the input user provide. >>

LibreOffice user research – Summary

This is the last post about our LibreOffice survey done with UserWeave and we sum up the main findings. Find out about the users of LibreOffice and how motifs can help you to create better personas. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.4

Do users want Ribbons? This post about the software preferences of LibreOffice users answers this and other intresting questions and is part of the results of our extensive user research. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.3

Impress is for people that want to impress and Base and Calc will become extinct? Read about the users and the usage of LibreOffice applications as part of the results of our extensive study of LibreOffice users. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.2

Motifs have the potential to make the creation of personas easier and more scientific. We have done some research together with the users of LibreOffice and show how to work with motifs. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.1

More than 5400 people took part in our LibreOffice User study. The results give insights about who the users of LibreOffice are and how motifs can help to describe them. >>

Results of KMail Icon Test #1

More than 3000 people took part in the KMail Icon Test. Most icons are working well, but some need attention. Interesting results are touching cutural aspects of the design of icons. >>

Some thoughts on testing icons

Icons are used to visualise a term. An icon test evaluates the strength of this relationship based on subjective and objective indicators. >>

Results of TV-Browser Icon Usability Test

The development of a new testing methodology for icons has matured. The test of TV-Browser icons shows a varying quality of icons. >>

Icon Test with TV-Browser

The development of a new test for the quality of icons reaches the final state. In our validation study more than 22000 tests have been conducted. >>

Testing the Quality of Icons

We announce the availability of an online test of the quality of icons used in TV Browser. Please participate! >>

Integrating Usability and Software Engineering

Usability engineering methodology is currently optimized for the needs of commercial software development. Adaptation for Free Software still needs creative work but has great potential. >>