A crossplatform personal productivity suite. LibreOffice provides six feature-rich applications for document production and data processing. The user-friendly Free, Open Source Software is supported by a worldwide community.

Tip the tool: How to label toolbar functions

Toolbar functions should be labeled consistently starting with a verb which is followed by noun or adverb. We present recommendations to label the functions on Libreoffice’ standard toolbar. >>

Metaphors behind icons – which are really useful?

Metaphors determine the association between a function and its icon. But sometimes these metaphors are misleading or ambiguous. With your help, we want to improve the metaphors used in Libreoffice.  >>

Quick wins: Conclusions of the Libreoffice icon test

LibreOffice’s icons are sometimes confusing. We present some quick and easy changes that improve functionality. >>

Participate: New LibreOffice Icon Test started

The LibreOffice design team announces the start of a new online icon test. You are invited to participate! >>

Semiotics in Usability: Guidelines for the Development of Icon Metaphors

In the development of icons, the metaphor plays a vital role to ensure reliable perception and comprehension. We introduce seven guidelines that help to create a balanced set of icons with high usability. >>

How abstract can an icon be? About Copy & Paste in LibreOffice

Functions without natural pendant need special attention, even the well known copy / paste. Designers have to analyze intrinsic functionality instead of simply visualizing computer nomenclature. >>

Where does the Navigator lead you?

We show on the example of the Navigator and two other functions that toolbars should not be toggled on and off by a button in the main toolbar. >>

Can a direction in time be displayed by spatial signs?

It is common practice to assign left and right with sequential steps in processing. It might be surprising that these simple functions may cause problems, but it shows the relevance of psychological knowledge to usability. >>

What is a pencil used for?

Which function do you expect when you see a pencil? To draw something or perhaps fill the background… But in the context of a word processor? >>

More is worse: About Detail in Icons

A statistical analysis shows that icons with less detail score better in terms of usability. >>

About Antiquated Metaphors in Icons

Antiquated metaphors in icons can work better than modern, but complicated ones. This can be shown on the example of the ‘save’ icon. >>

LibreOffice Icon Test: Where are the women?

More than 3000 users took part in the first two LibreOffice icon tests. The demographics prove us to have gathered reliable data. >>

Participate: New LibreOffice Icon Test started

The LibreOffice design team announces the start of a new online icon test. You are invited to participate! >>

Looking back: LibreOffice Conference in Paris

I have been attending the great LibreOffice 2011 Conference in Paris and held a presentation about the problems of finding the gold in the input user provide. >>

LibreOffice user research – Summary

This is the last post about our LibreOffice survey done with UserWeave and we sum up the main findings. Find out about the users of LibreOffice and how motifs can help you to create better personas. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.4

Do users want Ribbons? This post about the software preferences of LibreOffice users answers this and other intresting questions and is part of the results of our extensive user research. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.3

Impress is for people that want to impress and Base and Calc will become extinct? Read about the users and the usage of LibreOffice applications as part of the results of our extensive study of LibreOffice users. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.2

Motifs have the potential to make the creation of personas easier and more scientific. We have done some research together with the users of LibreOffice and show how to work with motifs. >>

LibreOffice user research – Results vol.1

More than 5400 people took part in our LibreOffice User study. The results give insights about who the users of LibreOffice are and how motifs can help to describe them. >>

Impressions of a usability guy on the Berlin Desktop Summit 2011

On the joint KDE / GNOME Desktop Summit the developer community showed great interest in working closer with their users. >>

First LibreOffice user research survey closed

The first user research survey for LibreOffice has just been closed. About 5400 participants exceeded our hopes and expectations by far. >>

Designer vs. Developer? A FLOSS perspective.

The relationship of developers and designers is full of misunderstandings. Projects fail, e. g. due to the struggle among different views on the same subject. Communication can be frustrating for both sides. But there is hope. In this article I want to share and discuss factors that facilitate a ‘Designer with Developer’ rather than a ‘Designer vs. Developer’ in FLOSS projects. >>

Hello LibreOffice!

User Prompt is happy to be part of the planet LibreOffice! >>

Usability meets Open Source on Berlin LinuxTag

LinuxTag 2010 is about to start and we will – together with the User Experience team – hold an informal meeting on Usability in OpenSource. >>