KDE Software compilation

A crossplatform software for desktop and portable computing. The KDE set of Free, Open Source libraries, workspaces and applications is developed by an international and ever-growing community of contributors.

KDE Network Manager: Sorting the details

We ask you to participate in a little survey to help us sort the details of network connections. >>

The Vision of KDE

KDE’s current vision written in 2008 is rather outdated with its praise of KDE 4. So we should rethink what we want to achieve in future. >>

KNetworkManager: Approaching the finishing line

The next iteration of the KDE Network Manager brings it on the finishing line. Again we are looking for your feedback. >>

KDE HIG: Survey about how to align controls over multiple groups

User Prompt runs a survey on KDE users how to align controls over multiple groups. >>

Connect to Network Manager Prototype…

Building upon the lively response on the survey about the management of network connections in KDE, we now put a proposal for the further development up for discussion. >>

Quick Poll: Visibility of password fields

We want to introduce an inline toggle button for the visibility of password fields. Please help us to define the optimal behavior. >>

Shape the Future of Managing Network Connections in KDE

On the occasion of the World Usability Day 2013, we ask you – the users – to help us shape the future of KDE network connection management. >>

KDE human interface guidelines: About Viewing and Navigation

The KDE usability team is proud to present the next chapter of the human interface guidelines. We want to discuss the part about Viewing and Navigation. >>

What is a status bar good for?

The KDE usability team discusses pros and cons concerning the default visibility of the status bar and asks you to vote how the future should look like. >>

KScreen: Proposal for the user interface

We present our first suggestion for the future KScreen UI based on the results of the survey about requirements. >>

KScreen: Results of the user survey

We present the results of our survey about user requirements of screen management tools and the KScreen usability tests during Akademy 2013. >>

KDE human interface guidelines: First steps

As announced recently, we are rebooting the KDE human interface guideline. The first revision is done and you are invited to join the discussion. >>

Basic Usability Testing at Home – notes from the workshop at Akademy 2013. By Jos Poortvliet

Jos Poortvliet of KDE fame has written a summary about the usability testing we did at Akademy 2013. We republish the article from his blog. >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? Motifs as replacement for persona.

We present results about demographics of participants in the study about file managers with focus on Dolphin. >>

Participate in KScreen Survey: How do you setup your screen(s)?

Call for participation in a study about the requirements for the screen management tools KScreen. >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? The relation between the ISO 9241-110 and the rating of features.

We present results about rating and preferences of file managers with focus on Dolphin. >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? More results from the user study.

We present results about rating and preferences of file managers with focus on Dolphin. >>

Style the guide: A new HIG for KDE is in preparation

The usability team of KDE announces the reboot of the human interface guidelines. >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? First results from the user study.

We present first results of the user study about file managers and discuss issues that occur during the study. >>

Participate: Are you perfectly satisfied with your file manager?

User Prompt announces the start of a large study on file managers. You are invited to participate! >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? Results from the developers study.

We report the results of our Dolphin developer study and outline the follow-up study with users. Next to feedback we are looking for translation support. >>

Semiotics in Usability: Guidelines for the Development of Icon Metaphors

In the development of icons, the metaphor plays a vital role to ensure reliable perception and comprehension. We introduce seven guidelines that help to create a balanced set of icons with high usability. >>

How abstract can an icon be? About Copy & Paste in LibreOffice

Functions without natural pendant need special attention, even the well known copy / paste. Designers have to analyze intrinsic functionality instead of simply visualizing computer nomenclature. >>

Where does the Navigator lead you?

We show on the example of the Navigator and two other functions that toolbars should not be toggled on and off by a button in the main toolbar. >>

Can a direction in time be displayed by spatial signs?

It is common practice to assign left and right with sequential steps in processing. It might be surprising that these simple functions may cause problems, but it shows the relevance of psychological knowledge to usability. >>

Quo vadis, Dolphin? Preparation of the developer study.

Together with the developers of Dolphin we are planning to improve the sidebars in Dolphin with a special focus on the concept of ‘recents’. >>

What is a pencil used for?

Which function do you expect when you see a pencil? To draw something or perhaps fill the background… But in the context of a word processor? >>

More is worse: About Detail in Icons

A statistical analysis shows that icons with less detail score better in terms of usability. >>

About Antiquated Metaphors in Icons

Antiquated metaphors in icons can work better than modern, but complicated ones. This can be shown on the example of the ‘save’ icon. >>

LibreOffice Icon Test: Where are the women?

More than 3000 users took part in the first two LibreOffice icon tests. The demographics prove us to have gathered reliable data. >>

Yes, you can contribute to Forge Sprint 2011!

The KDE Forge sprint 2011 will be held in Madrid this year. We are looking for your contribution. >>

Impressions of a usability guy on the Berlin Desktop Summit 2011

On the joint KDE / GNOME Desktop Summit the developer community showed great interest in working closer with their users. >>

If you are going to Berlin and want to know more about the users of your application…

… I would be very happy to talk to you! >>

Wanted: Feedback on Kontact Mobile

We just have published a new version for Kontact Mobile on Maemo. I would like to encourage you to tell us how you like it. >>

The Kontact Mobile Team is looking for Testers

For the development of the new KDE Kontact based Free Software PIM client for smartphones, we are looking for testers. >>

Kontact mobile – new beta out for public testing

Kontact Mobile – the new KDE Kontact based PIM client for your smartphone – has released a brand new beta version. And we are asking you for your feedback! >>

When did you last keep a diary? Kontact Mobile is asking you to share your experience…

The new KDE based PIM client for the N900 is asking you to participate in our diary study. How does Kontact Mobile fit in your daily life? >>

Kontact goes mobile – and you can help to make it feel great!

We are happy to announce a new project where you can participate! KDE Kontact will be made available on mobile phones and we want your feedback to make it feel great! >>

Results of KMail Icon Test #2

The 2nd KMail icon test with almost 2000 participants revealed that most icons are working well, but there still is room for improvement for some. >>

Participate: Icons of KDE SC put to the test – KMail, part 2

Please invest 5 minutes of your precious time and participate in our little survey to improve the quality of the oxygen icon-set! >>

Age distribution from last Icon Test

The age distribution of the last KMail icon test. >>

Results of KMail Icon Test #1

More than 3000 people took part in the KMail Icon Test. Most icons are working well, but some need attention. Interesting results are touching cutural aspects of the design of icons. >>

Some thoughts on testing icons

Icons are used to visualise a term. An icon test evaluates the strength of this relationship based on subjective and objective indicators. >>

Participate: Icons of KDE SC put to the test – KMail, part 1

Today we announce the start of a new study to evaluate the quality of KMail icons. Please participate. >>

Hello planet KDE!

From today our User Prompt blog is aggregated to planet KDE. We will be blogging about usability and user involvement in KDE. >>

Disapointed about Adept 3 – first impressions

A personal field report about my impressions of Adept as new package manager for KUbuntu. Unfortunately without happy ending. >>