IT products are made and used by humans. We understand users and developers. With these competencies we utilize the users' potential and design development processes more efficiently and innovatively.

Involve Users

KDE Network Manager: Sorting the details

We ask you to participate in a little survey to help us sort the details of network connections. >>

Analyse Requirements

No Clairvoyance: Data-driven Creation of Personas

Together with Steganos we analyzed their target users. We ran an online survey to create Personas based on valid and representative data. >>

Test Usability

Basic Usability Testing at Home – notes from the workshop at Akademy 2013. By Jos Poortvliet

Jos Poortvliet of KDE fame has written a summary about the usability testing we did at Akademy 2013. We republish the article from his blog. >>

Create UX

KScreen: Proposal for the user interface

We present our first suggestion for the future KScreen UI based on the results of the survey about requirements. >>

Transfer Knowledge

Active Seminar for User-Centered Development according to ISO 9241-210

Modern product development puts the user in the spotlight at an early stage. Our active seminar imparts you with the necessary knowledge. >>